Fashion Show Pitti Uomo



The Hub92prints team had a chance to travel to Florence, Italy this winter to participate in this amazing New fashion trends event, called Pitti Uomo, which is one the world’s most important platform to showcase new collections and new projects in fashion.

There were more than 24,000 buyers in the fair from more than 100 different countries, and in total there were about 36,000 visitors for a rendezvous that moves beyond the concept of a fair and fashion week.

But getting to the fun part what did we get to see???? What we like to see as apparel decorator, is what are brands designing, what materials are they using, what are the new tendencies, and what do people want to wear this year.

There was a lot going on, it was all about a relaxed silhouette, performance jackets, combat trousers, looser fits, comfort is key for the whole year.

One of the sections that caught our attention was the I Play, at this section we could see brands that showed a type of a crossover style that creatively infuses urban life with authentic High Tec sportswear. The brand that we thought had great ideas is Body bound, a British brand. They create high-performance fabric and engineered knitwear which explores muscular volume and optical illusion.

body bound outfit

body bound outfit

The next section we explored was called Urban Panorama where there were no frontiers between denim and vintage. The main protagonist of the section was denim with infinite interpretations that are never the same. It maintained certain vintage aspect balanced between ethnic and design. Open to anyone with a thirst of freedom, a mixture of biker inspiration and ethnic influences. The brand we thought had an amazing collection was Desigual, this is a Spanish brand, that believes in dressing people not bodies. This brand believes that every person is unique and different and that’s how they get inspired in their unique stylish creations.

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 The last section we enjoyed learning from was called My Factory, Urban style at its purest state. This section related to technology, music, art and design. My Factory was a platform for some of the most dynamic creative laboratories in the Urban and sportswear segments.

We were really inspired by another British brand called Hype, I think they have excellent new designs for this year. Their style seems out there, they’ve created individual exciting looks again wanting people to look different while simultaneously conforming, and right now Hype is cool!!!

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