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Customized 3D Puff Embroidery Hats and More!

One of the most common questions we get his how the heck is 3d puff even done? Basically put, a piece of foam is added to the front of the hat previous to sewing. Then, your design is sewn over top allowing the puff to be secured by stitching in the places that you want it. Once the sewing has completed, the extra 3D embroidery is removed from the hat and the design remains. Your hat then goes through a special process which allows the puff to become even more raised. Our team then does the finishing work including removing undesired material and trimming threads.

Step 1

Apply 3D Foam to a Hat

Step 2

Sew the Design

Step 3

Ready. Come pick it up!

Make Your Design Stand Out!

Adding 3D dimension to any design can improve it’s appeal. You can have the entire design with puff stitching, or have elements of your design in 3d. We understand customers are looking for high quality, 3D techniques to give dimension to customized embroidery designs and we deliver! Add  puff Embroidery stitching to your business or event logo for the best 3d embroidered hats, bags and more.


3D Puff Embroidery Design Limitations

This service has a minimum of 12 items. Large round or block-shaped lettering works very well with 3D stitching. When creating artwork for 3d puff, choose rounded corners if possible. This allows the stitching needle to perforate your custom design corners and completely cover the foam embroidery, which gives your design style. Hub92prints screen printing and embroidery uses the industry’s newest embroidering methods along with expertly trained staff for high quality service. Not sure what to choose? Don’t worry! Our Specialist of highly trained customer service reps and embroidery artists will work with your logo or create a custom design that will look amazing with 3d raised embroidery and can help you with choosing the best products to work with your design for 3d embroidery hats, jackets, shirts, bags and more! If you want high quality 3D puff, Hub92prints can help you!


Is Puff Embroidery the same as Puff Screen Printing?

Understanding Puff Embroidery vs. Puff Screen Printing:

Are you wondering whether puff embroidery is the same as puff screen printing? While both techniques add a unique, raised dimension to designs, they are distinct in their methods and materials.

Method and Material Differences:

Puff Embroidery: This technique involves stitching with threads on top of a fabric to create a 3D appearance. Primarily used for embellishing garments like hats and jackets, it uses needles and threads. –

Puff Screen Printing: In contrast, this method applies a special puff ink onto the surface of the fabric, which expands when heated. Suitable for a wide range of apparel, puff screen printing is versatile for large-scale production.

Recommended Applications:

Puff Embroidery: Perfect for items that undergo less frequent washing and require a classic, elegant look like hats and premium outerwear.

Puff Screen Printing: Ideal for more durable items that endure regular washing, such as t-shirts and casual wear. By understanding these key differences, you can make better decisions on which technique to use for your custom apparel projects.

Will my design work for puff embroidery?

Assessing Your Design for Puff Embroidery Compatibility

Determining if your design is suitable for puff embroidery involves several factors. Here’s what you need to consider:

1. Design Complexity: Simple designs with larger elements and bolder lines typically translate best into puff embroidery. Complex designs may need modification to ensure clarity and aesthetic appeal when embroidered.

2. Size and Spacing: Designs intended for puff embroidery should not be overly detailed or contain elements that are too close together, as the puff aspect can cause elements to merge undesirably.

3. Professional Review: To ensure the best outcome, it’s highly recommended to have your design professionally assessed. Our team can offer insights into whether your design is a candidate for puff embroidery, or suggest necessary adjustments to make it compatible. Feel free to submit your design for a detailed evaluation. We’re here to help guide you through optimizing your design for puff embroidery, and suggest creative tweaks if needed. By reviewing your design, we can help maximize its impact and ensure it takes full advantage of this unique embroidery technique.



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