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For all emerging artists looking to sell their custom designs, bloggers who have a passion for fashion, YouTubers wanting to increase their brand, and entrepreneurs desiring to add apparel to their business we welcome you to the Hub. Hub92 Prints is where you can create your own artist campaign exclusively featuring your unique work.

We provide a platform where anyone can have the opportunity to sell their unique designs for a profit. No more bulk buying, purchasing your own supplies, and paying to ship each item. We provide all those services, just for you. It’s easy and free to start your campaign with four quick steps:

1. Fill out the application Here

2. Upload your designs.

3. Promote your campaign and share it with all of your supporters.

4. Once your campaign is finished you’ll receive your profit and we’ll ship out the apparel.

You are in charge. As the artist you have 100% creative control over your campaign. You name your designs, you set the prices for your apparel, and you decide what you choose to sell. This opportunity is for those who want an additional source of income. Those who have a desire to capitalize on their marketability. Those who want a chance to showcase their creative designs. Those who want to have the passion to succeed.  Those who are excited to break the mold. Those who are hungry. We encourage you to use start this new adventure in your life today. You have nothing to lose, take that leap and enjoy the thrill of being your own boss. Whether you’re an artist or a business owner, you can create a campaign and watch as your passion turns into a reality. Visit and become your own boss today

We can’t wait to see what you create!


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