Slay Back to School !

Back to School!

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Unfortunately summer has come to an end and is almost back to school. With the end of this blazing heat, comes the beginning of the most stressful time of a parent’s life…back to school season. The ordeal of the tax-free weekends, demanding outfit requirements, and moody attitudes; ain’t nobody got time for that! What if we told you all that is a thing of the past? Instead of flooding the malls fighting off savages for the last pair of discounted tanks at Forever21, lean back and hand pick your woredorbe at a fraction of the cost.  Why not create personalized designs back to school  for/with your children? You get the pleasure of staying at home, while they get the joy of pushing their creativity. Create the exact V-neck tee you’ve envisioned for your daughter, but couldn’t quite find in the stores. Having the opportunity to look back on these once and a life time moments, is a blessing. Imagine transferring your son’s favorite drawing and transforming it into his new classic hoodie. Clothing, style, fashion is a chance to express yourself. Let’s create!

My baby moving fast

blog post-back to school

Every year brings new memories, new adventures, and of course a new grade for your child to enter. Cherish every new year and achievement with a design commemorating their accomplishment of starting another grade. Having the opportunity to look back on these once and a life time moments is a blessing you can always hold close to you, the older your babies get.

My baby the nerd

nerd bts

Is your baby a nerd? The best always are! Embrace the acceptance of brains over beauty. Go a step further and customize a cartoon version of your brainy offspring. Add their favorite animal or cartoon character; anything you can image don’t be shy.

My baby busting out!

straight bts

Moving from one year to the other in style. Let your child be loud and beyond proud that they are doooooone with their previous classification and transitioning to greater adventures. This type of print can become a tradition within your family. Adding a new image to your scrapbook every year as they broaden their education.

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Being able to look back and hold these life changing moments is an opportunity one shouldn’t pass up. Create a photo album, collogue, or simply frame the milestones. These are memories you want to document. Memories you can’t relive again. Cherish every event. Explore designing and creating clothing with your kids. Most importantly, don’t think too much just have fun with unlimited design options. Start designing now , or contact our friendly Specialist Team by phone at 713-981-6533 or send a email to

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