Beauty Bloggers Unite!

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This past month, we had the opportunity to collaborate with three gorgeous, inspirational, and passionately creative beauty bloggers across the country. Each blogger got to customize their own graphic tee expressing their brand, image, or favorite quote. The innovation and personality shines through as we see what the bloggers choose to have printed on their unique tees. It was truly a please working with each woman and getting to know them better. Hub92 appreciates working with you ladies!



Laura Yoder

“OMGoodness you guys, I am swooning over my new custom tee I received from Hub92 Prints. It’s the cutest, right!?!”

IG: laura_yoder


“Oh but darling, what if you fly…”

The effortlessly beauty ,Laura Yoder, added one of her personal favorite quotes to her 100% organic pima cotton white tee. She wanted a loose laid back look, which emphasizes her relaxed sporty personality. Her grace and smooth elegance shines through in every image and blog post she creates. Her blog posts are filled with a collage of inspirational outfits, clothing tips, makeup advice, and her blog carries such a relatable vibe. Her warmth and lifestyle advice is what will keep you coming back for more! We loved the statement t-shirt that goes along with her theme of 2016 :“Oh but darling, what if you fly…”


blogger 2Alexa

“…Very interesting to find out that I can design a t-shirt and have it look exactly like what I’ve always wanted.”

IG: Minimalist Styling

YouTube Channel:

Alexa from, Minimalist Styling, has a growing YouTube channel showcasing her minimal sleek styling, how to styling videos, and makeup tutorials. She wanted her signature theme “simplified” on her shirt, she left the rest in our hands. It was a pleasure to have fun with her shirt design. Nothing is too difficult for us, we embrace challenges. It excites us! We had to incorporate her gorgeous face to emphasize her brand. Alexa’s consistently simplified, minimal, and elegant sense of style is what sets her apart from most bloggers. She utilizes her signature blue, white, blue, and grey color scheme. For those who are in love with chic and effortless look books, subscribe to Minimalist Styling’s channel now. She is definitely a stylishly inspirational blogger.


blogger 3Julia Calo

“A very appropriate tee for a little Sunday funday before the rain pours in.”

IG: calocloset


Julia Calo’s closet must be filled with the colors of the rainbow! Her usage of bright colors, bold jewelry, and great mix of textures makes her blog and instagram posts a sight to see. She is a ray of sunshine that will cancel any storm that Houston has to offer. Her blog is impressive, Julia shows her knowledge of mixing bright colors in a way that allows her viewers to be inspired, yet the posts are real enough to where they can translate the image to fit their lives. Her relatability captures her audience and never lets them go. We were overjoyed to customize Julia’s unique one of a kind “Rose All Day” white statement tee. The personalized shirt adds so much color to her look while still keeping the relaxed feeling Julia wanted.


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