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This May 13th, Owner of Cross Fit Central Houston, Teresa Crismon Trojanowski will be competing in the 2016 Reebok Cross Fit Games in Dallas Texas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center. This grueling 3 weekend competition challenges the fittest athletes across the world to compete for the five qualifying spots. The best of the best will have will have to endure eight events in order to qualify to the next round. The top five men, woman, and teams from each region will be advance to the Cross Fit Games this July.

We had the chance to personally speak with the inspiring and incredibility fit Teresa as she prepares for the upcoming competition.

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You have been an athlete your whole life, talk about your background as an athlete prior to you starting Cross Fit.

Teresa: “I did gymnastics for ten years, I started when I was three years old.”

Did your mom make you do gymnastics?

Teresa: “No, I loved it, I did that competitively for a while, but… it gets expensive. My parents encouraged me to do other things, I did track and basketball through high school. I did track in college, I went to Rice and played all four years, I walked on my freshmen year. I thought I was done with sports, but that only lasted two weeks. I don’t know what I would have done without sports.”

What made you want to do Cross Fit?

T: “I really liked the team aspect that comes with it. It’s an individual workout, but you feel the teamwork especially when you are finishing a workout. You might be done, but someone isn’t. So you rally around that person. We (her and her husband, Phil) were just running three miles a couple times a week or we would go to 24-hour fitness. It’s not fun, we never really enjoyed that. This felt like the team stuff I was doing (in college), that made me excited to workout. You are motivated by the people around you. You see other people working hard, people cheering you on, and coaches watching you. It makes you work harder; it pushes you to do better.”

What made you addicted?

T: “I’m pretty competitive, I like that there can be a competitive side of CF. Whether it is in the class, the sport of CF, or competing against yourself.”

Some people worry about the injuries of doing Cross Fit, have you experienced any of this?

T: “If you are going to do any type of physical activity there is going to be risk of injury. I think the biggest health risk is not doing anything; People forget about that. You go your life without doing anything and end up with the possibility of obesity, lack of mobility, diabetes, and not being able to do daily activities in life. We have people doing CF who say, “I’m off my blood pressure medicine.” I have been doing CF for years now, I do it more than the average person because I am doing CF the sport and I have been injured before. Nothing long term though. I work out just as much or more than I did in college. But in college, I had to stop my senior year due to injury. I actually have had less injuries doing CF than I did being a college athlete.”

CF can seem intimidating, what is your advice to those who want to try it for the first time?

T: “Can seem intimidating, but once people try it and see that the coaches are here to help you, teach you, and make sure you stay safe so they feel much more comfortable. Then they will put you in the beginners course with other people who are brand new, that really helps put people’s mind at ease. They look around and see that there are people from all different ages, we have people here (at her gym) aging from 16-64 years old.”

When did you know that you wanted to open your own CF gym?

T: “We (Her husband and herself) started talking about it a year into doing CF, we were both loving it. We got certified and started working in the gym we were working out at. Phil (Teresa’s husband) had more flexibility with his schedule, so he would be training all the time. I was teaching middle school at the time, I loved teaching, but it was becoming an unmanageable schedule. This is a perfect time to start something new for me and to start something together.”

What is your favorite thing about being an owner of your own gym?

T: “Flexibility and scheduling. Phil and I have been together for a little over ten years and married for almost 4 years, before the gym the first seven years we never saw each other due to our schedules. It was constant working, which is good, but we didn’t get to spend a lot time together or do a lot together. This has allowed us to still put in a lot of hours of work, but still get to do something together. And also have more flexibility. We can schedule some time off when we need it.”

Being a business woman with her own gym. Do you feel like a role model?

T: “…I don’t know; I didn’t really set it out to be that way. I don’t see myself that way. But over time I can get why people see it that way. So I guess so…it just doesn’t feel like anything special. This is just want we love to do.”

How many competitions have you competed in so far?

T: “I have no idea. I would say over the last 6 years about 20-30.”

Describe a normal workout week for yourself since you started training for the competition?

T: “Constantly trying to juggle training and working out. Today, I coached the 5 am and 6 am classes, then went home to eat. Came back to do a morning session for myself, eat, then have one or two hours where I meal prep or do work that needs to be done for the gym. Then I train another class, eat again, then finish the afternoon classes. Then eat again. Then do a mobility workout. Then go to sleep. I feel like I do a lot of eating and working out. I always feel like I just worked out or I about to work out. Then eating just revolve around that.”

Is it intimidating to see the best of the best all in one room?

T: “Sure! It’s nice because there is always this sense of community in CF. When you’re out on the floor doing your workout, the person next to you is not going to affect your success. They are not preventing you from succeeding. Before the timer goes, we are hanging out and talking. And after people are done they’ll surround the last people and cheer them on and congratulate them. It’s not as much intimidating as it is exciting.”

Is there a large difference in the amount of men that do CF versus women that do CF?

T: “This year in the CF open, it was pretty close. There are usually more males than females this year, but it’s not much of a difference.

As a woman who eats clean and trains diligently, how do you feel about all of these “skinny teas “and “waist trainers” claiming to be a solution to getting in shape?

T: “What are those??

It’s frustrating to see all that stuff. We are being conditioned to think that there is just some quick solution. And how you look is the most important thing versus how you feel and what you can do. How you look is just a byproduct of that. It is frustrating that you can drink this tea or put this thing around your waist to look good, but what are you eating? What are you fueling your body with? That is going to dictate how you feel. Many people don’t realize how good you can feel if you just buckle down and eat good food. You can eat good food most of the time, you don’t have to go 100% there is room for indulgences.

It’s frustrating that people just want the easy way out. There is no easy way to start, but it does it easier with time. It’s not as difficult as people think there is.”

How to you maintain your clean eating lifestyle?

T: “It really helps that my husband and I do it together. We support each other. Being prepared helps a lot, we cook in bulk, that’s when you eat bad. When you are home late and there is nothing to eat, you just go out and pick something up.”

Describe your average cheat day meal?

T: “I really like sandwiches, we’ll go to Anton’s and get sandwiches and chips. A group us will go get burgers and tater tots right after our workout. If you’re going to eat a cheat meal, its better if you do it right after your workout.”

Who inspires you?

T: “I actually get inspired by the people here at the gym. People doing stuff that they didn’t think they could. Or people working hard at something and they end up succeeding. It doesn’t have to be someone doing something better than you or something that you can’t do. It could be someone saying: “I want to do a pull up!” and working for however long it takes. Doing all these work outs that you have given them. Practicing and saying “I’m going to make it happen.” Then 6 weeks later, they do their first pull up! That’s inspiring, no matter what level you’re at if you put your mind to it you can do things that maybe seem like big goals.”


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