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Hub92prints, as a custom embroidery company we provide everything you need to promote your business, organization or event. We can add your name, logo or message to any of different Caps, Polo Shirts, Shirts, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Bags, Totes, Hat, Backpacks, Jackets, Aprons, Golf Towels, Lab Coat and Towels.

Other Embroidery Techniques

Embellish with Embroidery

If you need a professional look for your business, school or organization,  embroidery apparel  is the right solution because it looks professional and easy to care for and wear.


Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric or other materials using a needle and thread or yarn. The technique is used to create patterns, textures, and designs on fabric.


Embroidery can be done on clothing, accessories, home decor items, and more. It is a popular craft that has been around for centuries and is still used today to add a unique touch to any item.


For a more personalized approach in elevating employee uniforms and gifts, consider the common practice of customizing the left chest and right cuff of garments. This specific placement not only ensures visibility but also adds a distinctive touch that can distinguish your brand or organization from others. Furthermore, the options for customization are truly endless.


Whether you choose subtle monogramming or bold, colorful designs, embroidery can uniquely enhance each item to reflect your organization’s ethos or to celebrate a special occasion.

By incorporating personalized embroidery into your uniforms and gifts, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to a sense of pride and unity among team members. This simple yet effective customization can turn ordinary apparel into something truly special and cherished.




What types of organizations and businesses have previously utilized the embroidery services of Hub92prints?

At Hub92prints, we cater to a wide range of clients through our specialized embroidery services.

Our portfolio includes schools, organizations, small and corporative  businesses, night clubs, restaurants among others, who have all trusted us with their unique needs.

We offer an extensive array of products tailored to these diverse groups, including School Uniforms, Sports Uniforms, Corporate Apparel, Medical Scrubs, Promotional Products, Jackets and Coats, Hats and Baseball Caps, Restaurant Uniforms, Bags, Safety Vests, and Sales Person Uniforms.

Whether you’re looking to outfit a team, staff, or an entire event, we’re equipped to provide high-quality, customized embroidery solutions to enhance your brand’s presence.

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Embroidery is often the preferred choice over screen printing when you are aiming for a more professional and high-quality appearance. It is particularly suitable for smaller designs, like logos on company shirts, hats, or jackets, where detail and durability are essential.

Choose embroidery if your project requires a textured, three-dimensional finish for a sense of luxury. It’s also ideal for items that undergo frequent washing as it stands up better to heavy use and laundering without fading.

Our  representative can help evaluate your specific design elements, such as size and placement, and guide you through the best options for achieving your apparel goals within your budget.

For customers looking for distinct and custom embroidery, several specialized options are on offer that enhance and differentiate embroidered products. These include:

– **Metallic Embroidery:** This option uses threads with a metallic sheen, available in colors such as gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold. These threads add a sparkling, luxurious touch that can elevate a company’s branding.

– **Neon Embroidery:** Vibrant and eye-catching, neon embroidery utilizes brightly colored threads made from high-sheen polyester. This option is excellent for brands that want their logos to pop and attract attention.

– **3D Puff Embroidery:** This technique involves layering embroidery with foam to create a raised, three-dimensional effect. It’s particularly effective for giving logos a standout feature, making them more tactile and visually intriguing. These specialty techniques can be applied across various types of apparel and textiles, offering a tailored approach to suit different branding needs.

To achieve a 3D puff effect in embroidery, which adds a raised, three-dimensional appearance to a logo, a specific technique is employed. Foam is inserted beneath the embroidery area before stitching begins. The stitches are then applied over this foam layer, causing the logo to rise above the rest of the fabric, thereby creating the desired three-dimensional visual effect.

Embroidery pricing is uniquely determined based on several critical factors, primarily focusing on the complexity and density of the stitch design. To understand the pricing of embroidery, one should consider that it’s not the color variety but the total number of stitches that largely affects the cost. Additional aspects such as the size of the embroidered area and its placement on the item also play important roles in determining the overall price. Each design element increases the stitch count which, in turn, influences the final cost.

When ordering embroidery, the minimum order requirement to qualify for the bulk price is 12 items per design, utilizing the same thread color and placement. Additionally, if you are ordering hats, these must be purchased in groups of six. This structured approach ensures uniformity and quality in your custom embroidered products.

Embroidery Process

Digitize Your Design

The embroidery process at Hub92prints starts with the design. We have a team of artists that can work with any ideas you have, or an existing logo. The specialist digitize the logo, which is the process of mapping out each and every stitch in the logo .

Setup Embroidery Machines

Our embroidery artists load the specific thread colors for your embroidery designs on to our embroidery machines.  The embroidery technicians will make sure all of the settings and speeds are correct to give an excellent result for your custom embroidery. 

Start Embroidery Your Items

Once the embroidery machines are loaded up with the correct thread colors and design, and the garments are hooped, the actual sewing process can begin. 


Then, after your garments are embroidered they are unhooked, and sent to our quality control team for review. Our quality control team reviews each shirt individually.  They will trim any threads, steam the design if needed so it looks perfect!

Then, the order is complete and is moved to our shipping department where it is packaged up and labeled for shipping, or set aside for a pickup if you opted to pickup your order in our Houston showroom.

The usual processing period for embroidery orders typically spans 5 to 7 business days. However, if you have a more urgent need, efforts are often made to meet tighter deadlines.

Terms and Conditions


Embroidery Thread Colors

With over 100 different thread color options for your custom embroidered apparel, we will have a color that will work for you! We use only the highest quality embroidery threads to keep the color fastness for hundreds of washes.  

If you are looking for 3D Puff Embroidery please contact our specialist!
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embroidery thread colors hub92prints
What specialty threads are available for embroidery?

To enhance your embroidery projects, a variety of specialty threads are available.

These include options like shimmering metallic threads, subtle matte threads, vibrant rainbow threads, cozy wool blend threads, and eco-friendly lyocell threads.

These specialty options are designed to add unique texture, color, and visual interest to any embroidered design, alongside a wide selection of standard thread colors.

What are neon threads used for in embroidery applications?

In embroidery applications, neon threads are often employed by various organizations to create vibrant and eye-catching logos as part of their branding strategy. These threads are specially crafted from high-sheen polyester materials, which are imbued with neon dyes to achieve their luminous effect

How do metallic threads enhance the appearance of a brand or logo in embroidery?

Metallic threads, available in an array of colors such as gold, silver, bronze, and rose gold, play a significant role in enhancing the visual impact of a brand or logo when used in embroidery. The shimmering quality of these threads can catch and reflect light, giving the embroidered design a distinctive and eye-catching sparkle. This can make a logo or brand much more noticeable and memorable, thereby elevating its aesthetic appeal and effectiveness in branding.


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