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What do customers or maybe even just anyone really think of custom printed t shirts. It’s quite amazing and there’s a lot to be learned from what people really believe.

The first perception is that anybody can print and design custom made t shirts. This point of view arises because many young people have been exposed to “silkscreen” during an art class in high school or college; and that is a very basic process, and in fact its known that many people do create and print t shirts that way. However, there’s a big difference from art class in school to commercial t shirt printing.

 The second thing people think is that printed t shirts are ink on cotton or other type of garment. Which means that they are cheap and you can buy them cheap basically anywhere they want. Of course, this is an obvious observation and it’s supported by the fact that many new or young screen printers will lower their prices too much, to attract new customers.

The last factor we see, is that people think that t shirts are a commodity. What is a commodity, it basically means that it’s a product or a service that is easily interchangeable with the competition and it makes no difference where you purchase it from one vendor or another. Commodities are sold only based on price. And there for the winner of this is always the vendor with the lowest price in the market, and let’s not forget the one that has the product always available.

These beliefs are true on the surface. Too many companies who produce custom printed apparel think of themselves as ‘t shirt printers”, which means that they are downgrading themselves to the world of commoditization and that basically puts you in the world of price based competition only.

 What I want you all to understand is that custom printed t shirts are not a commodity. When a customer comes and asks ‘What is your lowest price…?’, you must find a way to find out more about what the client really wants, offer a variety of products, design methods, printing ideas, printing methods. The motivation is to get the best possible DEAL, not the lowest price.

Consumers are faced with buying decisions all the time, 90% of these consumers frequently opt for the median alternative, never the highest or the lowest product or service offered. Even if they arrive mentally wanting the lowest price, they are really looking for the best available price for what they need and how can they make it work for them for future purchases.

The average consumer hardly ever knows what they really want. That is why it’s up to us to always help, if it’s with a variety of different products, endless possible solutions, creativity in design, and most important always the opportunity to see, feel, touch a sample of what they’ll be really receiving, looking at the colors and just escaping the single-color imprint on a white cotton t shirt to enter an entirely different competitive landscape.

A custom printed t shirts or any other printed apparel, is literally wearable media where the message connects our client to their community, family, friends and/or customers. That is achieved through graphics, photos, and a message. The ink on it is the only vehicle to deliver that message, and that makes t shirt printing rise beyond the commodity aspect of this perception.

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