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What is Discharge Screen Printing?

 Eco Friendly Discharge Screen print is a water based product that is prepared by adding an activator to the ink in order to remove the pigment from the fabric, fundamentally it decolorizing away the color of the shirt in order to “re-dye” the fabric with the ink we print on top.. This Technique works best on 100% cotton or natural fabric. There are colors and brands that work better than others. Some colors we don’t recommend for this method are kelly green, purple, royal blue and red. This is mainly because it is very difficult to get a base close to white and so when print onto an off-white color, the ink color is going to take on a tint of the original fabric color.

Discharge Screen printing is great way if you want print a multicolors artwork on a dark shirt. Discharge is a great option for fashion clients where Pantone color matching is not a necessity.

This printing technique works best on 100% cotton products and printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing.

There’s a range of techniques and inks available :