Funny Hanukkah Shirts for Celebrations 2017

funny hanukkah shirts

Funny Hanukkah Shirts

Gearing up for Hanukkah celebrations? Then make sure you have a one-of-a-kind Funny Hanukkah shirts! Don’t battle the holiday troops to find the perfect gift or attire to gear—with Hub92Prints you can definitely create a holiday shirt or sweater that everyone will love.

Here’s our favorite funny Hanukkah shirts for this season.

Funny Hanukkah T-shirts:

Happy Challah Days

 There’s nothing like some warm, toasty challah bread on a cold winter day. This challah bread tee is perfect for your family celebrations before as a gift for a carb enthusiast!

Oil Be Home for the Challadays

For when you’re oiling up the menorah or spending time with loved ones, Gift this to a friend who loves a good joke or to your college-aged sibling who will be coming home for the “challadays.”

Keep Calm and Mazel Tov

Keep calm is in—shirts, hats, mugs, they’re everywhere! Put a Jewish spin on this favorite saying and throw it on your favorite outfit. Order a whole bunch of funny hanukkah shirts for your family Hanukkah dinner or for your temple youth group.

Let’s Go For a Spin

Take this fun shirt for a spin this season! All the kids in your family will love this proposal as one of their gifts, or get one for yourself for when you dominate the dreidel competition!

Light It Up

Let this custom tee light up your festival of lights! Whether you’re lighting your menorah or lighting up the company holiday party, this is the perfect celebratory design for all Hanukkah long.

I Like You A Latke

Who doesn’t like a potato pancake?! Gather around the table and dive into your favorite Hanukkah dishes in this fun and festive t-shirt. 

Shine Bright Like a Menorah

Shine bright all season long in this cheerful and fun shirt. Give one to your bestie who loves pop music as much as she loves Jewish holidays, or get one for your gift swap.

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