Heart on 4 Leo


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Joyous mother of Leo, embracing her son


TheHeart on 4 Leo fundraising campaign was created once the Strauss family’s newest member Leo prepared for surgery. Brave Leo, with the strength of a lion, was born into this world with a heart defect that required open heart surgery. Young Leo was rushed to NICU at Texas Children’s Hospital. Rock star mom, Rachel, and father, Levi, spend every day and night waiting in the hospital never leaving their child’s side.

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On June 13th, Leo’s parent’s watched as their 24-day old son get rolled away to get 8.5 hours of open heart surgery. With much anticipation, Leo’s surgery was a roaring success. He was then placed in cardio vascular intensive care unit due to an irregular heartbeat. With the unyielding support, limitless love, and persistent prayers the brave fighter made it out like a champ. After 33 days, Leo was able to go home a healthy baby with the heart of a LION.

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Father, TCH Nurse, Mother

The staff at the Texas Children’s Hospital was relentless with their support and love. The nurses never left their side through the late nights, distress, and tears. The TCH staff was a support system the Strauss’s grew to count on. Their kind gestures helped put their minds at ease and a shoulder to cry on, as their first born fought for his life. Texas Children’s Hospital’s support castigated them into prosperity

Due to the empathy from Texas Children’s Hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Strauss created this fundraiser to give back to the hospital that assisted in changing their lives. The parents of brave Leo are donating all their proceeds from the fundraiser to TCH. Ecstatic to give back, the Strauss’s feel the nurses, staff, and doctors were the most compassionate group of people they have ever encountered. They saved their son’s life. Purchase your shirt here and give back to Texas Children’s Hospital today. The campaign is currently active for the next 25 days.

“34 days ago, Rachel and I left our house with fear and angst as we headed to Texas Children’s Hospital to give birth to our son. Today, we came home with tears in our eyes, tears of joy, as we celebrate coming back to our home as “the Strauss’s, party of 3.”

~ Levi Strauss, proud father of a ferocious warrior