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One of our favorite quotes is: “Why not do it, you have nothing to lose.” As simple as it is, we stand by that motto. Raising funds doesn’t have to come from a place of need, this is an equal opportunity for those wanting to raise money to go on that life long dream of traveling to Paris or going on a road trip through the United States.  Deciding to sell your creations can be for the light hearted moments in life, when you want the opportunity to start something new or a chance to go on an adventure. Live your life, design a shirt, and put your proceeds toward anything you can image.

Finish your debut album

Open a bakery in your childhood town

Go to the Formation world tour

Have an epic 21st birthday in Vegas

Book the wedding venue of your dreams

Make your last payment of your first car

Relocate to a new continent

Maya was entering her third year as a sales associate within this mass corporation of “Hell,” as she called it. She lived by: “Customer service is the worst, but that’s all a girl has ever known.” From receptionist work to retail, Maya continued to work within customer service to survive. Merely tolerating the basic tasks, annoyingly childish co-workers, and frustrating clients. Maya swore her blood pressure sky rocked and grey hairs started sprouting because of the petty drama she constantly dealt with.

On a causal night out with some friends, Maya bummed into an old co-worker from her current job. As the two causally caught up, the friend explained her recent business meeting she just wrapped up. The friend was the owner of a rising food truck company, who just partnered with a well known grocery store. Maya could barely focus because she was so in awe, as she heard more about her friend’s success and confidence. What stood out the most to Maya, was the overwhelming sense of peace, the previous co-worker showed.

As the night concluded, Maya’s train of thought was crystal clear. She knew that she wanted more. She wanted to have a career and not just a job. She knew she deserved to love her job and to follow her passion. Maya wanted to start her own interior design business, be her own boss, and make her own creations.

Through researching and a few calls, Maya found “Cause Junkie.” She decided to combine humor and honesty to reach the financial goal needed to start her business. Maya used her unfulfilling past to create a series of tees that poked fun at her “not so positive” experiences in customer service and motivational quotes.

Hipster wearing white blank t-shirt and a cap with space for your logo


“One of Maya’s most popular tees”

She used her relatable experience as an unhappy sales associate and her vulnerability as an aspiring entrepreneur to her advantage. She gained likeability by being transparent and hilarious. People were excited to root for the woman trying to change her life. People saw a piece of themselves within Maya. Her shirts spoke to them, the tops said everything they couldn’t. Her raw attitude brought people from different ages, cultures, and walks of life together because they could understand her journey. Maya not only worked to change her life, she motivates others to take a second look into their choices.

Maya successfully reached her financial goal of $5,000 within four months. With much excitement, she opened her own home interior design office.

maya office

All with the Cause Junkie campaign, a new career was started and a life was forever changed. Fundraising doesn’t have to be exclusively for non-profits or pulling a family out of poverty, yet still go towards a cause that is admirable.

Maya took the opportunity to share her story, stay transparent, and offered relatable content for everyone.  No matter where the journey takes her, at least she started. The real question is:

Will you?

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