Summer’s Hottest Movie T-shirt Look Book

The year’s highest anticipated movies finally made their way to the big screen this summer. Some brought tears to your eyes, while others brought you back to your childhood. We wanted to give you guys some more look-book ideas inspired by the films of #summer16!

Suicide Squad

Fan favorite, Harley Quinn, returns to the screen for one of the most anticipated films of the entire year! Who isn’t excited to see her crazy ass swinging a bat and the new version of the Joker. This film has comic book fanatics bolting for the theatres. We all have high hopes that this will be the greatest DC film period…please redeem yourself for Batman V. Superman!!!

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Finding Dory

This Pixar sequel, 10 years in the making, had theatre seats filled with more adults than children. With the thrill of nostalgia running through our veins; Finding Dory lived up to the hype. Although the movie wasn’t as epic as Finding Nemo (which is almost an impossible task), it still put tears in my eyes. The strong cast brought an emotional affective message without being heavily dramatic.



Sausage Party

Seth Rogan fans get in line for this hilarious spin on a horror story. The trailer had all of us rolling. The classic Rogan from ’09 is back! Fooled at first by the Pixar style, Rogan and his brat pat have returned to deliver a shit storm of jokes ready to make us cry. After watching is film, we may never see hotdogs the same.

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Captain America: Civil War

A summer of sequels continues with another excellently delivered Captain America movie, more exciting than the original. The Marvel movie was brought to life with a clearly focused action packed film. Unlike the abomination of Batman V. Superman; Civil War combines two battling heroes and a thoughtout story line that won’t bore you to death.

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Remix! With much excitement, the long awaiting reboot has finally released this summer. The all-FEMALE leading cast provided a fresh take from the original. Director, Paul Feig, brought on the comedy heavy weights for the blockbuster; which profoundly paid off. Although we thought it was impossible, we fell in love with the experienced cast even more. Kristen Wiig deserves so much praise for her on point performance.

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