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Hub92Prints: our story!

Hub92Prints is an innovative platform where the costumer can design and order custom apparel products, like t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, pants, shorts for their groups and events ( student groups, sports team, bands, small business, corporations, family reunions and more). We can make orders of all sizes, ranging from 1 piece to large quantities meaning more than a thousand items. We started Our story with the focus always to give the best assistance to our costumer in all the steps, from the choice of the Products, and the Help with the design, until  the shipping. The Story started in 2014 with headquartered in Houston, we are a dynamic company and our business has grown rapidly. We’re constantly improving and everyday we try to learn new things.  We’re always working on realizing new ways to deliver always higher quality product with fast turnaround times, at the best price in the market. Print detail,  exceptional customer service, delivering on the day we promise and exactly what you want is the key of our story, triumph and our cover value. We are always looking for integrate the team with new talent people that can bring new and fresh ideas. We offer Direct to Garment , Screen Printing, Embroidery , Sublimation Printing, Heat Transfer Vinyl and Laser Engraving services for all type of events, without minimum order and unlimited colors. The Graphics Designer Team is available 7 day a week for help if you have problem with your design and you need to fix, or you can Design online by yourself in 3 easy steps, upload your artwork or logo, choose from fonts list and clipart library in our Design Lab.

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Services and Sales

If you need assistance using Hub92prints.com,  if you need to communicate with a Representative  call us at 713-981-6533 or email us at customer service

Sales Rep

Do you want sell our products and our printing services? Please contact us


Hub92prints Headquarter is located in Houston.

For driving direction please use GOOGLE MAPS DRIVING DIRECTION



10103 Fondren rd #210

77096 Houston, TX


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