Pima Cotton Women’s T Shirt Crew neck



When you want soft, there’s nothing better than Pima cotton. Designed with a slim fit and an enzyme wash for a smooth finish.

100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

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Product Description

Pima Cotton Women’s T Shirt


Pima  is named to honor the Native American tribe who began cultivating it in the US, but its origins are from Peru, where some of the best cotton continues to be made. PIMA’s extra-long fibers ensure that the resulting fabric is strong and durable while the fine quality of those fibers give pima  that incomparably smooth touch. Little wonder that this cotton is considered to be some the best fiber in the world.

Pima Cotton Women’s T shirt  come in Size from XS to L

Decoration : Screen Printing, High Quality Direct To Garment, Custom Vinyl

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