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People tend to confuse you with a diva, but you know better! As a quality minded individual you are more concerned about the product you’re receiving over the exact price of the item you purchased. This means if you want it, you get it; even if that means saving for months or putting down a lot of money for the item you desire. The products you buy aren’t always extremely expensive, they are just precisely what you want. If you order it, it better we correct.

We look out for clients wanting the highest quality of apparel and those consumers wanting their basic tee to last for years. We don’t want you running out the door only to realize your favorite tee has a hole, seams ripping, or the print is peeling. Here at Hub92Prints, we value the importance of a tee that is not only made of comfortable light weight cotton material, but a product that will withstand washes and years of wear.

Our Stand out Features

Ever heard of Pima Cotton?

Our apparel is made with 100% peruvian pima  cotton, which is the world’s finest cotton for a High Quality T Shirts Printing results. This 100% organic handmade cotton allows you to breathe while wearing the tee. Its soft, no holes, or ill fitting tees. This lightweight material is perfect for those wanting a more form fitting top that hits you at the right places. Unlike the basic Gildian tee you only wear once at your family reunion; Pima cotton made apparel is the stylish option that makes you want to integrate that shirt to your essential wardrobe.

One of our favorite bloggers, Minimalist Styling, even did a review on our Pima cotton custom made tee. Watch the quick review below!


Watercolor based printing

All of our shirts are printed on our watercolor based printer with DTG PRINTING. Instead of being limited in your choice of colors if you were screen printing, this machine allows us to print any and every design you choose. You do not have to sacrifice the design you want because you are concerned about the colors coming out exactly as you imagined. Even if you want an all black silhouette, the print will not eventually peel off your apparel within a matter of months. Our apparel is able to withstand unlimited about of washes and still have the same luster they had when you first tired it on. From our most affordable piece to our most expensive, the printer infuses the colors within your shirt not simply coating it on top of your shirt.

Graphic Designer in the House!

We offer free design assistance with our experienced graphic designer. Many customers have an idea in mind, but do not have the actual image created. We love assisting you in the creation process. To ensure your order is printed exactly as you want it, we get all the details you want and create a draft of the design. We allow you to proof the image before purchasing the image. You can edit the design as many times as you desire. We are here to help you and make a Quality T shirts Printing, you are the customer and deserve to have your order done to perfection.

Customers service is what this company is founded upon. We enjoy seeing the smiles and pride on our customer’s faces as they take their selfie or group photo with their custom made apparel. We work for you and most importantly, we work with you. Nothing is too difficult and no request is unreasonable. Get the custom quality t shirts printing of your dreams and contact us today!

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