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College and School Promotional Products

Schools and universities represent the number one buyer of promotional products in North America. Yes, you remember wearing that college sweatshirt the minute you decided what campus to attend, but the promotional product options for this market are immense.

With all of the employing, fundraising and team spirit initiatives schools run, it makes sense that the demand for promo products is high.

Apparel should be a top choice for your promotion initiatives: student will love wearing screen printed tees and tanks to class, while prospective students appreciate embroidered apparel for college employing too.

College and high school games are excellent opportunities for booster clubs to set up shop and sell spirit related items like sweatshirts, hats, water bottles, stickers, mouse pads, tumblers and more.

Contact today Hub92prints Specialists at contact@hub92prints.com and learn more about how we can help your school or university with your promo product needs.