Direct to Garment Printing

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

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Are you looking for cheap custom t-shirts no minimum required? You’ve come to the right place!  Digital printing also known as Direct to Garment Printing is the process that lets us print full color, photo quality images directly onto your custom printed t-shirt within minutes. Direct to Garment printing is a relatively new technology which is excellent for accurately reproducing  illustrations and intricate full colors designs. The advantage of DTG printing when compared to screen printing is the faster turnaround time and low set up costs, which makes it a more cost effective solution when printing low volume runs (up to 100). Especially when a design that features a number of different colors is required. The main disadvantages of DTG printing are that it’s not possible to match pantone PMS colors and the prints are not quite as vibrant when compared to those seen with screen printing where the ink adheres to the fabric.

Design Consideration

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A high quality piece of artwork will produce a high quality digital t-shirt print. If your design has gradients, fades or transparency then the following must be taken into account: DTG Printers cannot print opacity or transparencies so it is important to ensure the opacity of your graphic is at 100%. Fades and glows can be problematic in DTG Printing, especially when printing onto coloured garments, because a white base layer is applied first. Make sure your graphic is designed using CMYK color settings, and for a better result save the design in 300 dpi and PNG. DTG printer’s use CMYK inks so bright lime green, super-hot pink or metallic colors will not render properly.

The results for Direct to Garment Printing differ depending on what color fabric:
Light Color Fabrics: Fantastic, full colour images with no set up costs. Excellent for short runs of less than 100 items.
Dark Color Fabrics: A white undercoat is used when printing onto colored garments to ensure the colors are bright and vibrant; this can mean that the print feels slightly thicker when compared to graphics printed onto lighter colored tees.

Direct to Garment Printing FAQ

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What is the average turnaround time for digital print t-shirts? 
Typical turnaround time for digital printing on t shirts is 3 to 5 business days after the order is placed. Need your order filled faster? No problem! We can accommodate most deadlines! If you have an order you need filled sooner, call a customer service representative immediately at 713-981-6533 or send a mail at SPECIALISTS@HUB92PRINTS.COM
Can I order digital printing on black garments?
Yes! Hub92Prints can accommodate any order, light or dark, large or small.
What kinds of images are best for digital printing t shirts?
The rule is: higher is the resolution, better is the print!. Our machines, EPSON, are the best in the business and produce the highest quality prints available, but those prints are only as good as the photos upon which they’re based.

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If you have anymore questions please give us a call at 713-981-6533 to speak with a customer service representative.



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