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Fundraising Campaign FAQ

How does the fundraising campaign work?
Hub92prints gives you the platform where you can create a fundraising campaign by selling custom designed clothing. This feature is completely free and all funds raised will be given to the creator at the end of the campaign. The user has 100% creative control over the campaign. The products will be shipped out to each customer, once the campaign is finished.

What are the steps I need to do to create my campaign?
• Apply for the campaign.
• Select the type of clothing items you want to feature on your campaign and set
a price on them.
• Upload a custom design for the apparel
If needed, our graphic designer can assist with the creation process.
• Choose a time frame from when you want the campaign to start and end
• Describe your story, cause, organization, or mission share a photo or a video with us and your supporters.

How long does my campaign have to be?
You as the campaign creator decide how long you want your campaign to last.

Do I have to buy the apparel and ship out the products?
Hub92 Prints provides all the apparel , the printing and the shipping and handling.

When will I receive the product I ordered?
You will receive your purchased apparel once the campaign is completed

What can I put on my apparel?
You can put anything you want on our apparel for sale. It does not have to be a logo. The image doesn’t have to be related to the cause. The design could be as simple as an image of a cute puppy. The shirts can be as silly, serious, or creative as you want.

How does hub92prints make money?
Hub92prints has a set price for each of the items, so the cost to host and manage your campaign is built into the price of the items you want to sell.

How do I know how much I will receive for each product I sell?
The cost to produce each specific product will be listed as you are selecting the products you want to add to for you campaign. Your profit is calculated by subtracting the price you set for each item from the cost price Hub92prints provides for each product.

Who can start a fundraising campaign?
Anyone can start creating a campaign. A church fundraising campaign, school, university, team, family, group, community, friends, organization, or individual.

Does it cost to start my fundraising campaign?
It is completely free

How much money can I raise?
There is no limit on how much you can raise

Do I have to have set a goal for my campaign?
You do not have to set a goal. That choice is solely up to the creator’s discretion

Any advice about how to promote?
All you have to do is spread the word , you need to tell everyone you know about it, family , friends, support groups, be socially active. Emails, newsletter etc. We will also spread the word and connect you with our followers.

Is it possible to meet in person to discuss the campaign or receive help about creating my designs?
Yes, schedule an appointment to come into our office.
Office location: 10103 Fondren Rd, Suite 400 Houston, TX, 77096
We are available for in office meeting Monday-Friday. 9:00am-5:00pm
How can I reach you if I have any questions or concerns about the process?
Phone: 713-981-6533
Days of Operation: Monday-Friday
Hours of Operation: 7:00am-5:00pm
Office location: 10103 Fondren Rd, Houston, Suite 400 TX, 77096