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Fundraising Ideas

Our mission is to change lives for the better, and we help you to create your fundraising ideas!

At hub92prints, online fundraising ideas is an easy way to raise funds and awareness for your cause. By creating custom made apparel to sell, you can inspire a community and bring your volunteers and loved ones together. We are assisting any person, organization, team, after school program, or company with a cause.

Some Fundraising Ideas:

Non-profits organizations gaining funds for their cause
Teams trying to raise donations to make it to their next tournament
Animal lovers wanting raise awareness about adoption
Families in need for paying medical assistance
A church group supporting a member make it through university
Those with the passion to get revenue to give back to charities

Through our three step process, creating a manageable campaign has never been easier.

1. Create your campaign
Select the style of apparel you want to sell
Upload the design(s) you want for your apparel
If you need help designing the image, describe the design you want and our design team will create the design with you.
Select a price for each product
Choose when you want to start and end your casmpaign
Tell us about your cause/organization/story

2. Share your campaign
Start promoting your campaign
Share on social media, email volunteers, and contact loved ones
Track your sales by viewing your campaign online

3. Receive your profits
Once the campaign is finished, you receive all of your profits
At the end of your campaign, we print and ship each product sold.

If you have more question visit our Fundraising Campaign FAQ

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