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T Shirt Prices

All inclusive !

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 Tee Prices and Apparel Printing – Embroidery All Inclusive

We have simplified pricing to just a price per piece, which means there’s no hidden fees. Other companies will quote a low initial price to attracts customers, and then tack on hundreds dollars in different fees and costs. Our t shirt prices quotes include everything.

Screen Printing Pricing Calculation1. Type of Shirt or Style   2. Quantity of Shirts   3. Color of Tee   4. Number of Ink Colors in each Print Location (Example: 2 colors on front, 1 color on sleeve)

Pricing Drops Quickly with Each Piece: Quantity is king whenhen it comes to screen printing and embroidery pricing.  Basically to get the best shirt prices, the more you buy, the more you save.

DTG Pricing Calculation1.Type of T-shirt or Style  2.Quantity of shirts  3.With Dtg Printing System we charge for each print ( in the print you can use infinitum colors,like photos!)

Embroidery Pricing Calculation: 1. Type of Shirt or Style  2. Quantity of Shirts  3. Stitch Count or Logo Size (Example: A Small Left Chest Logo would cost significantly less than a Large Back Logo)

You can make your order talking with a Hub92Prints Specialists Call us 713-981-6533 to get started on your order right now.  You can also Live Chat with us by clicking the chat box below (bottom right corner!)  or send a  email  at Specialists@hub92prints.com   Our team is ready to assist you and give you a Instant Quote!




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Get a Quote


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Free 1 Week Shipping
With Guaranteed Delivery

Super Rush

3-Business Day Delivery

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No Hidden Fees

No Setup Charges

Free Artist Review

Buy More, Save More


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