Behind The Scenes: The creation process

We decided to go behind the scenes today to give our readers a closer look into our simple and efficient creation process. This week our intern, Alex, had the chance to make her own custom designed Pima cotton t-shirt. We decided to capture her experience and creative process as she designs her own unique piece of art. See the full experience on our twitter, where we documented everything!

“For the past year or two, I’ve had the same image as my screen saver. This image captured my heart because the woman is a clear representation of my personality. Her big hair, glasses, and free spirit always makes me smile as I open my phone. The process is way more fun than it looks, I enjoyed having complete creative control over what I am going to wear. I would say combines our generation’s love with Instagram glamorous photos, hilarious images, and the joy of having a stand out piece of clothing.

photo to shirt

Unlike Forever21, you will never find anything in the stores like what I am able to print in just ten minutes! I am an avid thriftier who is literally obsessed with deals, for a clothing store to capture my attention, I need it to be affordable. No matter the occasion, I know for less than $15 I can get whatever I want. Can’t really beat that. The experience Hub92 gives you is special. They provide this opportunity for you to make apparel that is just for you. You are the creator, you are the boss, you don’t have to search and search for an image that represents your attitude. I know for a fact, I would never be able to find an image of this woman in basic retail stores. Break the mold and create any design you want! It definitely an exciting day.”

From her phone screen saver to her own custom V-neck, Alex’s favorite image she couldn’t bring herself to ever delete is now a permanent part of her closet. Have fun and take risks with your style and create your own custom designed piece of art.


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