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Custom Banners

Why would costumers want a printed Custom Banners?.

Here at Hub92prints we believe that custom banners can help during events and fairs to increase brand recognition and value, you can also use them in your store or office to present new products and promotions. Customized banners can be presented everywhere to help spread a company’s message. The banners that we offer come in many different sizes, you can have small banners for competitions, big ones for outdoor events and festivals ,company’s  end of year parties, at stores offering new products. Banners are made for use in both indoor and outdoor situations. You can use an outdoor stronger material which is heavier but maintains strong against wind or rain, that way you can advertise without worrying it will fall or break. Then you have the indoor type banners which can also be placed on the walls, usually those are used for winners of competitions, gymnastics meets instead of medals. The best thing about purchasing our banners is that we help you with your design and we have a very fast turnaround.  

Captivate any crowd with big, bold banners

Great for grand openings, sporting events and more

Hundreds of templates or upload your own design

Choose from seven sizes in indoor or outdoor materials

Banner stands and other accessories available

Pick up in store or get it delivered

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How to Order Custom Banners

1) Select the products and quantities you would like to order HERE
2) Make payment online with Credit / Debit card

1) Contact us by email to contact@hub92prints.com with the following:
a) Artwork
b) Products and quantities required
c) Full name, delivery address and contact telephone number
d) Deadline
e) Call us on 713-981-6533 to make payment via Credit / Debit Card

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