Printing Techniques

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Screen Printing is one of the most popular Printing Techniques the process which applies ink directly onto fabric using mesh screens.  Competitively priced for large volumes, and vibrant Pantone Color Matched result. You can have Water-Based screen print, Metallic Ink, Reflective screen print and so much more.

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Embroidery is a great option if you are looking for a durable and stylish solution. We stitch your logo directly into the garment.  You have the choice between standard and 3D embroidery.

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Direct to Garment Print  is the process of print full-colour images onto garments using top quality DTG machines.  It is a very fast choice which can produce high-quality print within a few hours with no set-up fee and no minimum.

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Cad Cut Vinyl  is a process of cutting your design from the vinyl chosen using a plotter and then it is applied to the garment using an industrial heat press. This technique is only for designs that have one or two colors. This technique is mostly used for letter and numbers, which is perfect for sports uniform!