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 Make your rush t shirt Houston at Hub92prints. Are you looking for a reliable way to print custom t-shirts for your business or event? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that there are several options available when it comes to t-shirt printing services in the Houston area. Two of the most popular methods are screen printing and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.
Screen printing is a classic method of garment decoration that involves using mesh screens and ink to create an image on fabric. It is great for larger orders with multiple colors because it requires minimal setup time and cost per shirt. The downside is that it can be more expensive than other methods if only a few shirts need to be printed.
Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing is another popular option for customizing garments with designs, logos, text, etc., but unlike traditional screen printing this method uses digital technology instead of mesh screens and ink. This allows DTG printers to produce full color prints directly onto garments without any setup fees or minimums which makes them ideal for short run orders or one off pieces! Additionally, DTG prints have a softer feel than traditional screenprinted shirts since they don’t use plastic based inks like their counterparts do.  

Make your fraternity or sorority stand out on campus with cool rush  shirts Houston Area. Or you need last moment fast tees for you birthday party, family reunion contact our team specialist and you can get your custom products in 1 day! Call at 713-981-6533 or send a email to, 7 days a week 24 hours!  We guarantee the faster turnaround in  Houston with high standard quality. You can’t go wrong when you order your rush t shirts Houston service from Hub92prints.

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