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T Shirts History

T shirt are a essential pieces of outerwear today for everybody, it originally started for men. It has experienced many transformations  and  cut, fabric, and printing methods also continue to advance.. After one hundred years of evolution, the appearance of the shirt is still always varying.

The first form that the T shirt took was called a union suit, originated in New York, and it was a very basic one-piece garment that was white in color and buttoned up the front.

In the 50’s T shirts Became Cool and Hollywood also quickly picked up on the emerging trend. For example, James and Marlon Brando’s acting in his movie. In 48’, Governor Thomas E. printed on promotional T-shirt his promotional slogan for the Presidential campaign.

In the 60’s During this decade, when plastisol was invente, bright colors and tie-dyed patterns were very popular, and clothing was frequently used as a promoter for self expression. Famous music legends’ slogan, pictures, logos and anti-war slogan opposing Vietnam were often featured on shirt

70s and 80s  Custom T-shirts continued to grow in popularity. With new methods of printing is always more easy  to have a custom T-shirt printed on the spot. Rock bands, started to realize how powerful T-shirt were in terms of sales and branding.

Today T shirts remain an integral part of the fashion industry. People regularly have shirts custom made, athletic teams, company use, self expression etc. People can custom print any type of shirt they like, with any kind of image, slogan or color imaginable, just with the access to Internet.

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